Dr. Steven D. Stahle

Steven D. Stahle, MD

Sports Medicine

Dr. Steven D. Stahle has dedicated his life to sports medicine. After graduating with honors from The University of Iowa School of Medicine, he completed his residency training at Phoenix Baptist Hospital. Combining his passion for sports with his interest in medicine he was awarded a sports medicine fellow­ship at the world renowned Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

His experience working with athletes ranges from collegiate teams, such as Arizona State University and Cleveland State University, to Olympic athletes and professional athletes, such as the Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Ballet, to every day athletes such as St. Louis marathon runners and weekend warriors.

More recently, his expertise in treating traumatic brain injuries has brought him to the forefront of concussion prevention treatment. Dr. Stahle collaborat­ed with REOVO for protective soccer headgear to prevent head injuries, and is helping pave the way for the concussion prevention.

Dr. Stahle is the first St. Louis physician trained in the FAST procedure for serious soft tissue tendon injuries. He is also considered a regional pioneering expert on the use of Platelet Rich Plasma for treatment of soft tissue injuries and arthritic conditions. His research has increased the overall management of arthritis and dramatically decreased the recovery time of musculoskeletal injuries. Dr. Stahle’s use of exosomes and umbilical cells make him of one the country’s leading experts in the use of nonsurgical therapy used to treat knee arthritis pain and musculoskeletal injuries.

As a groundbreaking researcher in the field, Dr. Stahle continually seeks new ways to minimize pain and decrease recovery time for injuries. His years of experience make him a trusted expert and leader of our team at Advanced Injury Care.


  • Medical School University of Iowa
  • Residency at Phoenix Baptist Hospital
  • Fellowship in Sports Medicine at Cleveland Clinic Foundation